Demonhunter Bricks offer custom corporate kits/gifts made using LEGO® bricks!

If you are looking for the perfect corporate gift for your colleagues and/or clients for occasions like business celebrations, successful product launches, business anniversaries, Christmas hampers or simply to say thanks, our custom designed gifts made from genuine LEGO® bricks will not only be fantastic to receive, but great fun to build too!

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Model design

Working from your ideas and/or coming up with our own we will begin designing the custom model digitally to work with your specified budget, ensuring attention to detail and as much accuracy to the requested model as possible.

After which you will receive a PDF digital render of the proposed custom model, which will also show the proposed bespoke packaging.


Approval process

As it is extremely important to us that the model matches your highest expectations, once you have received your digital render of the proposed custom model, you will have a chance to provide feedback on it and make any changes if necessary.


Ordering and kit packing

Once you are happy with the design we ask for 50% payment up front, we then order the bricks (we use brand new, genuine LEGO® bricks only) and will then begin sorting them into packaged kits ready to be shipped to you for you to simply send on/hand out.

We hand-pack our kits ourselves and we weigh them for extra accuracy. I also create the digital instructions for the kits completely myself.

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Individual Brand Colours & Unique Printed Tiles 

We are open to ideas and requests, though equally we can work with you to come up with a completely custom design.

We can tailor the LEGO® brick colours we use to your individual brand/business colours and we can also add on unique printed tiles if you are looking to add your business name on to the model. 


unique custom packaging 

We can work with you to add personalised customisation to the packaging to suit your needs including imagery, brand logos, colours and fonts. All kits come in a resealable pouch bag as pictured.

digital step by step instructions 

On the label on the front of the packaging for each kit will be a unique silver foil square which when scratched off will reveal a QR code enabling you to download a digital PDF document of the step by step instructions for your product. The instructions are clear and simple to follow showing each step of the build. 


“Everyone is hugely impressed and excited by the level of details. One of the best corporate gifts ever!”

Andrei Danescu • CEO of Dexory

“This is a great gift, thank you!


“These look so great! Really loved it!” 


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If you would like to enquire about ordering custom-made corporate gifts please send us an email by tapping the below button.

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Please note: Due to the time and attention to detail that we pour in to the design process for our custom corporate gift orders, we require a minimum order of 50+ per each order.

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies. The LEGO Group does not sponsor, authorise or endorse the modified/customised product(s) shown nor does it accept responsibility in any way, shape or form for any unforeseen and/pr adverse consequences following from such customisation/modification.”